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Ivanian Students’ pledge ceremony

Lusine Shadyan

 Today the solemn ceremony of promising took place at the Stepanakert Military College after Lieutenant General Q. Ivanian, an Artsakh Hero, Knight of the ‘Golden Eagle’ Medal. The Students of Ivanian bowed flowers at Ivanyan's monument, after which the ceremony began. It began with a welcoming speech and congratulations from the command. Opening remarks were made by Major, Deputy Head of the Military College, Hrayr Baghdasaryan, who emphasized that their main goal was to promote and support the fulfillment of the promise of students, their formation and development as full and educated citizens.
The pledge ceremony included the 30 students admitted to the Military College just two months ago, four of whom are girls ready to take on the military task of no less responsibility. The girls' choice is decisive. They believe that the Armenian nation should also boast about its female soldiers. Snejana Babayan, a female student, is confident she will become an officer, and Teresa Martirosyan, after laying the foundation stone at the College will continue her studies at the Armenak Khanperyants Military Aviation Institute.
The chief of the Military College, Lieutenant Colonel V. Hakobyan, highly appreciating the students' choice to continue their education in the College, urged them to have the spirit and arm of the Homeland Defender.
Anoush Babayan, a lecturer in Armenian language and literature at the college, also congratulated the students, assuring those present that the Military College has always educated a generation of unyielding military spirits. Congratulating the students, she called on them to realize the importance of knowledge, to learn well and to be worthy followers of the heroes who have won our victories.  Mrs. Ghulyan, the parent of a new student, sent parental blessings, urging them to always keep the honor of their commanders, parents and motherland high.
“To learn well, to be honest, hard-working, spiritually-minded and always trained, to maintain the sanctity of the college, to be guided by its charter, to perform the duties of a pupil, to become an exemplary citizen of the republic and a reliable defender of the Armenian people, a passionate advocate of the Armenian Cause, in all circumstances, hold the immortal name of Lieutenant General Ivanyan high.", a promise that sounded bold and credible from the lips of the Ivanian students. Realizing the meaning and significance of the words of the promise, they are full of determination and purpose.
By demonstrating hand-to-hand battle tricks, the 3rd training company students gave special glow and excitement to the ceremony. Lieutenant Colonel of the Military College, V. Hakobyan awarded instructor Jirayr Petrosyan with a diploma. The new student, Hovhannes Kukurtchyan, also made a speech, promising to win Honorary degree of Ivanyan Military College student. Everyone was filled with pride and excitement.