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Narek Sahakyan

 The Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan, has recently arrived in Artsakh on a working visit. Accompanied by President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan, they were in one of the military units of the northern direction of the Defense Army and military bases.

The Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, Commander of the Defense Army Karen Abrahamyan and Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia Artak Davtyan presented the high-ranking guests the latest news in the army. Prefabricated underground bunker of Armenian production, authored by the Artsakh Defense Army, is designed for combat operations and rapid deployment.  In unfavorable conditions, staff rest and commander actions can be arranged in the underground bunker. It should also be emphasized that the bunker is protected by large-caliber artillery shells, ”said Colonel Karen Grigoryan, Head of the Engineering Department of the Defense Army.
After the April 2016 aggression, the fortifications of the frontier military units were reviewed. President Sahakyan and Prime Minister Pashinyan got acquainted with the defense capabilities and living conditions of one of the recently commissioned barracks.  According to Colonel K. Grigoryan, the explosive and non-explosive barricades are in development along the frontline, and in dangerous areas the barracks are protected. “I must say that barracks are being completely transformed, if needed, constructed. In short, we are doing everything to ensure that the personnel are protected in any military operations” said Grigoryan.
"I have come to see your eyes where there is confidence in the homeland and the future," RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at a meeting with servicemen and reminded that they have the most important mission in the country. According to Pashinyan, everything will be meaningless in the back if we have security issues. ‘I want you to understand the concept of homeland more specifically. The homeland is your parents; the homeland is your sisters, your brothers, your relatives, your beloved daughters. The homeland is your friends, the homeland is your grandparents, the homeland is your offspring, who still need to be born and live in a free and happy country, ”Pashinyan said, familiarizing himself with the latest up-to-date weapons and equipment.
Bako Sahakyan and Nikol Pashinyan visited military positions in the northern direction of the state border, where geographical and climatic difficulties are common for servicemen. Seeing personally the social and living conditions of the positions, Nikol Pashinyan stated that the reforms of their government in the armed forces are effective. This is an unfinished job where there is always something to do. One should not overlook the improvement of infrastructures, the video surveillance systems. Today, the fighting positions are provided with potable water and electricity. This process will continue with great momentum. Of course, these are technical issues that are being addressed, but I want to emphasize their content, " said Nikol Pashiinyan.
President Bako Sahakyan and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan got acquainted with the operational-tactical situation at the northern border battlefields. Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Argishti Sargsyan reported that the new generation's surveillance equipment kept the enemy under surveillance 24 hours a day. “The situation on the front lines is relatively calm and changeable. There are shots by the enemy, but in case of an adequate response the enemy becomes silent immediately, ”the lieutenant colonel noted.
In a conversation with the leaders of the two Armenian republics, the position-holders did not express dissatisfaction with social and domestic issues. According to Prime Minister Pashinyan, however, this does not mean that everything is ideal in this respect. He believes that the army should feel the presence of the public and the government at all times. The soldier, the armed forces, the officer must feel that the government, the people, the homeland are with them every 24 hours, night and day, 12 months and always. This will always be the case, and this feeling in the soldier's heart, in the soldier's soul must be constantly reinforced, ”Pashinyan said.
During a meeting with military servicemen, Prime Minister Pashinyan informed that the Government of Artsakh and Armenia are taking practical steps in the issue of housing for military pensioners. Today's officer must have guarantees that tomorrow he will have no problem with his own roof.