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               IMG_4352_1_.jpg On October 11-13, a street art festival titled 'Eternity' was organized in Stepanakert, comprising young painters and volunteers. It was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

As it usually happens, this time too the street exhibition’s works, apart from being merely a means of creative self-expression, contained also a political meaning - seven young painters reminded once again the people of the coming centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide  Within the festival, which was organized in Stepanakert for the first time, the painters depicted the portraits of the artists perished during the Armenian Genocide, as well as pictures symbolizing their works, on the walls of some buildings. 1889023_558856207548239_806895622145092242_o.jpg

The event was initiated by Artsakhakertum NGO, with the support of the Yerevan Awesome Foundation and the NKR Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs.


On October 13, the festival's closing ceremony was attended by NKR Prime Minister Ara Harutyunyan, Culture and Youth Affairs Deputy Minister Gayane Grigoryan, representatives of NGOs, and artists. Spokesman for the Prime Minister Artak Beglarian presented to Mr. Harutyunyan information about a corresponding plan and its implementation. Six painters were from Armenia, one from Artsakh, and the event was perhaps caused by the great experience of Armenia’s painters in this. The artists painted one of our eternity symbols - pomegranate – on an entire wall in the Mashtots Street. The Prime Minister welcomed the idea of the event, advising to use the central streets of the capital for the future events.


444.jpgDeputy Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs Gayane Grigoryan thanked the artists for the realization of the unique idea in our town. She also expressed confidence that this type of art is an excellent way to gain the attention of a large audience, which does not need additional presentation. According to the deputy minister, the festival is important, first of all, for the chosen topic, and it is desirable that similar ideas increase in number.

At the end of the event, the participants recited works of the Western writers, and the superb music by Komitas was played.