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On October 24, at the initiative of the NKR Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs and with the participation of President Bako Sahakyan, a campaign entitled ‘To be aware of our homeland’ and dedicated to the 24th anniversary of the NKR declaration took place, involving over 200 youth representatives.

The program was implemented through the cooperation of the NKR Ministry of Education, Science and Sports and the Shushi regional administration. Together with the President of Artsakh, as well as representatives of the interested institutions, students from different educational establishments of the Republic, NGO members and youth representatives of Karin Tak village participated in the campaign aimed at the patriotic education, consolidation of the youth, awareness of the homeland, and promotion of healthy lifestyle. This unique youth program was launched in the Revival Square of Stepanakert, from where the participants left for Mkhitarishen by bus. They were met there by President Bako Sahakyan, Minister of Culture and Youth Affairs Narine Aghabalyan, and other officials related to the program. They joined the young people and, making a motorcade, reached the Hunot Gorge - state natural-historical reserve, a place of interest known as 'Umbrella'. The Ministry had previously conducted a survey among the young people who participated in the campaign and found out that they knew very little about the places of their permanent residence, except for a few places they had visited. According to Narine Aghabalyan, all this promotes also healthy lifestyle, as well as presents the heroic pages of the national-liberation struggle to the independence generation. The young people walked around the historical-cultural places and moved towards Karin Tak village and on reaching it payed tribute to the memory of those perished soldiers. Then, the head of state met with the young people, noting the importance of their role in the life of the Republic. Bako Sahakyan considered similar programs as the best way of recalling the heroic deeds of the perished soldiers and episodes of the Artsakh war. «I am confident that this event will become systematic, and we will be in different parts of our country and thus give a new meaning and content to our everyday life, shaping our approach to and vision of the future», the President said. Head of the Karin Tak community Mkhitar Arushanian briefed the young people on the history of the village. One of the glorious pages of the Artsakh war is the Karin Tak battle on January 26, 1992. Mr. Arushanian, addressing the youth representatives, stressed that the weapons and positions had not been decisive in that battle, that we had won thanks to our spirit and unity. In total, the village lost 45 soldiers in the Artsakh war. The village has been restored, thanks to the state and sponsors' support, and now it lives a normal life. Next year, it is planned to organize a pilgrimage to Yeghishe Apostle's Monastery, where Yeghishe Apostle's relics and Vachagan the Pious' mausoleum are located. NKR Minister of Education, Science and Sports Slasva Asryan considered the program as an extremely important event for the students and youth representatives. Director of the Christian Education Center of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church Deacon Arthur Khunoyan appreciated the program, which promoted patriotism, increase of unyielding spirit, and proposed to enrich the further programs with short spiritual conversations. In the village of Karin Tak, a cultural-entertainment event was also organized, pursuing ethnographic, cultural, and educational goals.