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On May 18, on the occasion of the International Museum Day, the NKR Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs organized a series of events. A special place was occupied by the outdoor exhibition 'Granny's Box' organized in the courtyard of the Charles Aznavour Cultural Center.


This exhibition, which is organized for the first time, aims to reveal our grandmothers' handmade works and to exhibit them for the revival and development of national arts.

According to head of the Ministry's Cultural Heritage and Folk Arts Department Yerazik Daniyelian, it has already become a tradition in the Republic to celebrate the International Museum Day on May 18, and later, the NKR joined the 'Museum Night' project. She noted that each year it passed under a special topic. The topic of this year's event was 'Museum and Cultural Landscapes', for which the ministry was preparing for a long time. But, the April events hampered its full implementation. Introducing some changes and coordinating them with the participants, the ministry has finally implemented the project.

So, on May 18, the 11 museums operating in the Republic held various events, such as exhibitions, lectures, and book presentations. According to the chief department, the exhibition 'Granny's Box' occupied a special place. “Our goal is to organize an exhibition of things of cultural value created by our ancestors, which are preserved by individuals or families in Artsakh, in order that we can show them to the new generation, to encourage it for new initiatives and for giving new impetus to the development of these ancient crafts”, said Ms. Daniyelian.

Carpets, rugs, saddle bags, handmade works – they all are brought from the Askeran, Hadrut, and Martuni regions, as well as Stepanakert. And the exhibition of the Martakert region was organized in the Martakert Museum of Local Lore, despite the tense situation in the town.

Using the chance, Ms. Daniyelian thanked, on behalf of the ministry, all the participants of the exhibition for their active participation. According to her, the best works may be bought by the ministry and handed over to the NKR Museum of History and Local Lore for preservation.