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Susanna Balayan

 On September 25, in Stepanakert Gallery, the opening of the personal exhibition of the Head of the Artists’ Union, Hovik Gasparyan, titled "The City" dedicated to the 96th anniversary of renaming the capital took place. High-ranking officials, members of the Union: painters, sculptors, students, representatives of the art-loving community were present.

The exhibition featured 40 canvases depicting the capital's old and new streets, sights and landscapes. Pictures of the city, depicted in the paintings, were very pleasant to visitors. There was a sincere, direct, vibrant atmosphere at the exhibition.

Lusine Gasparyan, Director of Shushi State Museums SNCO congratulated the talented artist and presented the exhibition. "Every individual exhibition by Hovik Gasparyan is a unique account of the artist in front of the audience," she said. "And this exhibition is quite different in its format. The exhibition is first and foremost a love confession to the hometown. Each of us, looking at the pictures, tries to find the cozy corners of Stepanakert. The painter has been able to reveal Stepanakert from a point of view that is not accessible to all”, - concluded her speech L.Gasparyan and gave the floor to the sculptor Yuri Hovhannisyan, rector of the Gyurjyan Institute of Applied Art. "The artist's approach is welcomed," he emphasized, "because we have a wonderful nature here that is worthy of being presented to the public. I think the exhibition dedicated to Stepanakert Day is an interesting and beautiful gift to our citizens. Each of the pictures in the paintings is done with great care, interesting color solutions and vibrant color,” said Yuri Hovhannisyan.

Norek Gasparyan, editor-in-chief of the “Azat Artsakh” Republican newspaper, congratulated his brother, confessing that he thought the only favorite town of Hovik was Shushi, but it turned out that he also had a great love for Stepanakert. And the deeper it is in the images depicted in the paintings on display, the more convincing it is of how deep that love is.

The artist himself, as he assures, is pleased with the work done. When the idea was born and the painting of the series began, the amount of responsibility increased, he confesses. "When you work for yourself, your family, your favorite city, your homeland, both the responsibility increases and you become more demanding of what you do." The result of the last year's work was the exhibition "The City". Note that all pictures presented at the exhibition are displayed for the first time.

The series, of course, will expand over time, says the author, because the city still has many angles waiting for the artist's brush. "And in the paintings presented today, I think what I wanted to convey is visible," said the honored artist.