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According to the instruction of the President of the Artsakh Republic, the executive power has been dealing with housing construction issues for several months.

 These issues were discussed at the October 25 meeting held in the Presidential Office. State Minister Grigory Martirosyan participated in the meeting, after which he had a briefing with journalists.

According to Grigory Martirosyan, new approaches to the revision and improvement of mortgage lending programs and, generally, implementation of reforms in the sphere were discussed at the meeting. In the near future, as the State Minister assured, the programs will be launched, and in the next year the Government will have a new order and new approaches, which will have a positive impact on the housing construction in Stepanakert and other rural and urban communities.

According to the State Minister, during the meeting, some important changes were introduced on the revision and clarification of the procedure for the state-provision of housing to citizens with a certain status, which will be adopted by the Government by the end of the year. That is, from 2019, the new order will act in the noted sphere.

Two new housing projects for Stepanakert were also presented. According to G. Martirosyan, those apartments will be socially-oriented, affordable, with a bit limited living space.

According to the State Minister, the proposed changes in the mortgage scheme are also aimed at ensuring affordability for the population. Revision of subsidizing mechanisms in this area is envisaged. G. Martirosyan noted that new approaches to subsidies on the occasion of each child's birth would be introduced. It is envisaged to increase the affordability in these areas not only through additional subsidies, but also through the creation of social housing based on the reduction of the overall housing fund.

According to the State Minister, the revised new standards will also relate to the citizens who previously received mortgage loans.








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