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 The investment programs implemented recently in our republic have been repeatedly talked about, thanks to which new enterprises should be created; the acting enterprises should be expanded providing new jobs. It should be noted that only a small part of these projects in the field of light industry has become a reality, in which the successful experience of re-operation of once the giant of the field “Gharmetakskombinat” is of particular importance. As a result of the government's policy and support,” Metakskombinat” Ltd, created in 2013, has recently been providing dynamic growth, becoming a serious precedent for future similar projects. The building, renovated by the state funds, was provided to different companies by symbolic rent. Providing a production area, the state has significantly reduced the capital expenditure of companies from the beginning.

It is not a secret that enterprises operating in the country have been mostly providing men’s employment, this initiative was a serious opportunity to solve the problem of women's employment partially.

The activity of the business center, which is planned to be ‘from raw material to finished products’ chain and is aimed at expanding the local production and employment issues, today is accompanied by the state support. Currently, the companies operating in “Metakskombinat” provide around 500 jobs. 7 small and medium-sized business entities are gathered under one roof becoming another successful example of Government-Private Sector cooperation in the Republic.

One of the most remarkable in terms of job vacancies is the “Gev Group” company, which mainly deals with textile production. According to the company's director Vahe Israelyan, the production unit operates since December 2013. Initially, it was producing t-shirts, shorts, sheets, etc. The company, which started its production with three dozens of workers, has now 70 employees. The main consumer of the company’s output is the Defense Army. According to the company's head, it is planned to increase the production volumes, as during the last year military overalls have been sewn here. Now the workshop needs tailors. They also receive civilian orders. “It sometimes happens that the orders of the Defense Army for the year are over and in order not to force the workers to stand idle, we produce civilian products. In many cases the customer provides the technical model and design of the product, as well as controls the quality of the final product, "said our interlocutor. Raw materials are mainly imported from Gyumri, the leading textile industry. In addition, according to Israyelyan, due to the demand of the customers, they sometimes import materials from abroad. Most of the workers are middle-aged women. In recent years, more young women applied for a job. Tailoring is one of the most demanded professions today, and the beginners have a great opportunity to master and develop their professional skills here. ’Working with knitwear has its nuances. Here, we are organizing short-term training courses involving many professional tailors who give vocational base training to the new workforce’, -the head of the company informs. ‘We are planning to open 20 new jobs in parallel with the increase in production volumes’. V. Israyelyan also adds that salaries are also provided to the beginners at the training stage. Alla Felyan, a tailor-designer, has been working in the company for 5 years and has been engaged in tailoring for 15 years. ’We are paid according to the work done: the more you work the higher your wages are. Working conditions are comfortable. We have a large number of women who are constantly talking about unemployment and having no profession they demand absolutely easy office work. In my opinion, they need to pay attention to this job, because sewing is easy for any woman to learn. There is no laziness in us, we know that we are mainly sewing for the soldiers and should work at a good quality’. Mary Hakobyan is 35 years old and has been working for ‘Gev Group’ for already three years. For the first time, she sat at the sewing machine here and is now one of the professional tailors. According to her, sometimes difficulties arise in the payment of wages at the beginning of the year. Later the problem is resolved.

According to the head of the company, every year, by the initiative of the founder of the company A. Malkhasyan, the technological processes of sewing as well as preparatory and manufacturing workshops are being improved. V. Israyelyan is sure that the foundation of such workshops is not just creation of jobs.

‘The state has helped us, and we compensate for taxes and other duties, but the benefits of the business center and the workshop are not just that, such initiatives can have a tangible positive impact on the economic development of the country, and the more we have such workshops, the more we will all benefit’,-he said.