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Van Novikov

Thanks to my hard work, the sprout has become my success. This is how young gardener Aren Khachatryan formulated his successful business story. Short but unique. I had decided not to hurry. Besides clarifying his character to be true to his promise, the day after our conversation, the first line I sought, perhaps quite figurative and, to a certain extent metaphorical, prompted my agriculturist interlocutor. It rarely happens.
Aren had been fond of and captured by his farmer father's work since childhood. 10 years ago, in the area of Khramort community in Askeran region, where Aren is now engaged in fruit and gardening, his father planted hundreds of different fruit trees and called them “The Grandchildren Garden”.
“From my childhood I used to work with soil, sprouts and trees. That love can be said to have come from an agriculturist father who has served as an example and consultant in every matter, ”confesses my interlocutor.
Perhaps that was the reason that after graduating from high school, the decision to pursue an education in agriculture was certain. Education at the Department of Technology and Wine-Making of the National Agricultural University of Armenia is currently of more than practical importance and practical application in the activities of young entrepreneur. Aren produces wine and vodka from about 18 hectares of gardens, including 14 hectares of pomegranate.
The sum total of youth and student life in the capital Stepanakert would probably be enough to make the young man seduced by the prospect of living a city life. "Life in the village is difficult, but there are great opportunities for livelihood," says Aren, who, shortly after his military service, finally tied his lifestyle and goals to the land and water of his native Khramort.
"I have promised myself, at the earliest opportunity, to build a kindergarten in our village, as well as to create a winery and new jobs," the young farmer said, adding that he also wants to expand the orchards by another 40 hectares.
According to him, the fertile land of Artsakh is grateful to people devoted to it and generously rewards every drop of sweat.
“Of course, there are also disadvantageous years, when hail is added to the drought and level to the ground the scarce crop. Even then, a dedicated and loving farmer will surely find enough strength and will to overcome the temporary discouragement. Farming is a hard-working, enduring and consistent human endeavor. Therefore, I think that the dissatisfaction caused by farming is not fair and risky, ”says my interlocutor, adding that he was convinced by his own experience, that the most difficult is the beginning. According to him, the first 4-5 years of horticulture business has always required investment. It was only in his seventh year of operation that he began to earn a living. During this time, and especially during the scarce years, Aren was not alien to the idea of leaving the business in half. At times of such dilemma, the scion was always weighed down by a strong will. In addition, the young gardener confesses that he enjoys the creative work he owns. Along the way, trees loaded with colorful crops even attract and admire strangers.  
“Many have now become convinced that gardening is a profitable industry. Even people in the city, seeing my flower gardens, are excited, interested, and inspired by my success, want to do this work. The villagers, meanwhile, used to sell or rent their land. Many of them have now regretted and are gradually returning to their land,” notes the young gardener. Aren also enjoys daily contact with hard-working and direct peasants in farming. This opportunity is given to him by his staff, whose numbers range from 30 to 70 per year.  People from neighboring villages find temporary in the vineyards cultivated by Aren. Success is in acting ....
ՙ My successful experience and career path would be an example to people interested in farming and horticulture, but for some reason, hesitating. The one who always complains about the village and is looking for excuses to leave the land does not want to work, and will get nothing, ”said the young landowner.
Aren Khachatryan received a first class qualification certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia. In addition, last year he was awarded the "Certificate of Excellence" commemorative medal for "services provided and contributions made by the state minister".