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 The people of Khnushinak are connected to the land by a thousand threads and it is due to that connection that they continue to make a living by working on the land. I have been convinced of that many times, and the other proof of that was getting acquainted with the Ohanyan family.

I accidentally found out about the fruit dryer in Khnushinak. The interest took to Sergey Ohanyan'sfamily. It turned out that they have been engaged in the production of dried fruits for several years, at the same time taking care of and expanding their own orchards day by day. Sergey does all that with his sons, Varuzhanand Meruzhan, all the members of the family are involved in the work, thereare also hired workers.

The garden has an area of 1.5 hectares, which was established on their own land with their own means. There are 180 plum trees in the garden, 120 of which are newly planted, which will give a full harvest in two years. They have 500 cherry trees, this year they have already received the first harvest, next year they expect a higher yield, pear - 80 ha, apple is relatively small, there are about 1000 walnuts, 30 hazelnut bushes. Each of the tree species has its own cultivation, care and time, so the work is not lacking for them all days of the year.

The garden was established with their own funds in 2011, and the area is still expanding due to new seedlings. The seedlings were bought from Armenia. Because the firm decision of the sons of the family was to stay in the village, they chose the cultivation of the land, including gardening, as a place of work and a means of subsistence. They have been harvesting since 2014. Unfortunately, as much as they tried to bring water to the garden, it was not possible due to lack of water in the area, today it is cultivated in arid conditions, relying on God and the weather of the year. The year was unprecedentedly fruitful. We went to the garden and found the branches of most of the trees under the weight of the crop or already broken. It was painful, but it was impossible to defend.

We continued the conversation with Sergey in the garden and returned to the yard, where special devices for drying fruits are installed. It is dried in an open area, with the heat of the sun; they produce ecologically clean, very useful food. The idea of making dried fruit belonged to the sons. They started with a small amount. The demand was growing year by year, which led to an increase in production. This year the harvest was a lot. They had no alternative and decided to make as much dried fruit as possible. The issue of fruit sales played a role here. The area of the drying room was expanded. Very hot weather conditions contributed.

It is already the 5th year that they produce dried fruits. The sale is carried out in Stepanakert, Martuni cities, communities of the region. They intend to export dried fruits. They already have about 1.6 tons of dried fruits. Both the garden crop and the dried fruit are ecologically clean. Sergey says. "There is no focus, everything is clean, hope for peace so that we can work, bring our children to their goals." They are satisfied with the income, it is enough.

Sergey has at least 10 employees. This is a very convenient job for employees to work on the spot and earn. Plums will be followed by the preparation of dried fruits from other types. They have already bought a dryer, where they will be able to dry the crop in unfavorable weather.

Sergey’s sons were present at our meeting because they were constantly busy like bees. Meruzhan says that he never had and will never want to leave the village. This handful of our homeland, which we have kept at such a high price, will have an owner. They will stay, take care of and develop what they started. They applied for a loan through a business plan, but have not received an answer yet. They are stillwaiting for an answer.