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 The Khachatryan family, displaced from the occupied Zardanashen region of Artsakh'sMartuni region, has been implementing the business idea of establishing a bakery in Stepanakert for several months. After the war, the family's father, Shmavon, tried to make his long-held dream of having a bakery a reality, and his wife, Sose, put her housekeeping skills to work. As a result of the will, diligence and purposefulness of the young couple, a new bakery is already operating in the capital Stepanakert.

- The last quarter was a probationary period for us. The secret of getting fragrant bread seems to have been revealed, which is already achieving, - say the entrepreneur couple.

In the post-war period, the will to work and initiate something was considered lost. They soon realized that the only way to ease the pain was to work.

"We were encouraged and financially supported by my friends in Armenia to launch the business initiative," says Shmavon.

Once you have the equipment, the key for novice bakers is getting the right recipe.

"Unsuccessful attempts were depressing, disappointing, but my little ones' smiles were giving new wings," says Sose.

The couple faced many difficulties in managing the case, but they do not complain.

"The only way to understand the technological nuances and tricks of a product and to achieve the best results is to constantly try, why not make mistakes and learn," they note.

They spent most of the day in the bakery. They were supported by partners already specialized in the field through exchange of experience and advice.

"Everyone was doing their best so that we do not back down," says Shmavon with gratitude.

After overcoming many difficulties, the small business of the displaced family is now operating regularly. The newly created bakery has customers and buyers.

- We work at night. We bake about 200 loaves of 4 types a day. We are still investing the earned money in the business. "Maintaining the quality of the product, we plan to expand the volume in the near future, to be engaged in the production of cookies," they say.

Mrs. Hamest, who was also displaced from her hometown, works in the factory. She loves helping the young family.

"Bread is a symbol of life, it seems that the feelings and emotions of the lost are alleviated right here, filled with hope and faith during the work," says Mrs. Hamest.

The displaced Khachatryan family has great energy to work and create. Their formula for overcoming adversity is unity and love. And their work is blessed likeconsecratedbread.