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Siranush Adamyan

 The "VoskeKatil" oil factory, located about 500 meters from the enemy positions, continued to operate in Taghavard even after the war. The production volume is 10 thousand bottles per day. According to the director of the plant NorayrStepanyan, despite the fact that they are not working due to the gas supply problem, they are still determined to continue operating. Despite the damage caused by the 44-day war in Artsakh, the factory resumed operations two weeks after the end of the war. To date, the damage caused by the rocket fire to the factory's workshops and warehouses has not been completely eliminated. The director of the factory noted that the loss of sunflower cultivation lands due to the war led to problems in obtaining raw materials, as a result of which production volumes decreased by 30%. "This has led to a decrease in the number of employees. "If before the war the factory had 72 employees, now their number is 40," said the factory director NorayrStepanyan. In the past, the oil was mostly produced from local raw materials, which led to the sale of the product at relatively affordable prices. In the post-war period, production continued with the remainder of local raw materials, and now a factory has been rented in Russia, where raw materials are processed to be later transported to Artsakh to continue production. "At the moment we can not say for sure whether there will be an increase in the price of the product or not, but we will do everything possible so that the production does not stop," the director assured.