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 On December 3, the Italian pasta factory reopened in Stepanakert, which had been operating for a month even before the third Artsakh war. The idea of reopening the workshop after the war, as the founder-director Nane Mikayelyan says , was of fundamental importance.The newly opened workshop also uses modern Italian equipment and high-quality raw materials. "Flour is imported from Russia, filtered water and salt are used," said Nane Mikayelyan. The reopened factory has 12 employees. 14 types of 400 and 800 gram pasta will be produced. It is planned to produce about 1 ton of macaroni per day. In the near future, we plan to have fried semi-finished and dietary pasta, as well as to expand the range with green vegetables and cheese additions," said Nane Mikayelyan. The author of the creative packaging of the product is the founder-director of the workshop, who is a designer by profession. The products of the Artsakh "Camelia Plus" workshop, a member of the "Armenian Product Register", are represented in local and international markets: in Russia, Japan, and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. According to N. Mikayelyan the pasta produced in Artsakh will be presented in the framework of the "Australia Expo" event in Australia. "Our goal is to deliver Artsakh products to foreign countries as well, thus contributing to making Artsakh known to the world," said Vladimir Gasparyan, co-founder of the company.The factory also produces natural sweets with Belgian chocolate, legumes and fruits. In order to emphasize and arouse interest in the Artsakh people abroad, Nane also has the idea of beautiful surprises. The grant program organized by the former Ministry of Economy and Agriculture of the Republic of Artsakh contributed to the implementation of her business project. The business woman's project was awarded a grant in the "Development of manufacturing industry" category.