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Intensive works on the restoration and reconstruction of the houses destroyed and damaged during the April War in 2016 are underway in the village of Talish.

 Currently, reconstruction of 17 private houses is underway. According to the information of the Ministry of Urban Development of the Republic of Artsakh, all the houses will have the appropriate living conditions: twenty-four-hour supply of drinking and irrigation water, household plots and shelters, well-lit and well-organized streets.

Along with the improvement of the housing conditions, the construction of public buildings is also underway. Currently, the construction works in the community center and the celebrations hall of the village are about to be completed. Construction works in the school- and kindergarten buildings are going on. On the instruction of the Head of State, the number of organizations implementing restoration works in the village has increased. To date, seven construction companies are working in Talish.


Azat Artsakh newspaper