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Congratulatory address in connection with the International Workers Day

On May 1 Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan sent a congratulatory address in connection with the International Workers' Day.

The address runs as follows:
"Dear compatriots,
On behalf of the Artsakh Republic authorities and myself personally I cordially congratulate you on the May 1 International Workers' Day.
Protection of workers' rights and interests has always been in the spotlight of our state. And in the current situation, when in the whole world, including our country, strict measures and restrictions are taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, it gains more importance. At this point, all our actions are directed at protecting our citizens in every possible way, preserving people's health, ensuring favorable and safe working conditions for them.
One of the state's main goals has been and will remain creating an opportunity for everyone to work on their own soil, creating material, cultural and spiritual values, thus contributing to both their families' prosperity and welfare and development and strengthening of our homeland.
Dear compatriots,
I congratulate all of you once again and wish peaceful and creative work."