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There is no shortage of assumptions about Azerbaijan's behavior. They are logical, but in a sense they are flawed. The fact is that for almost a decade and a half, theft, corruption and patronage have been a way of life in that country, and in a sense, a national identity. In contrast to the civilized world, in Azerbaijan a corrupt official is not criticized but sympathized by the public.

The cult of the rich man in Azerbaijan is a symbol of public solidarity. When everyone steals, the last "porter" also gets a share. And he is satisfied with his "one abbasi". When oil prices were fabulously high i.e."one abbasi", many extorted. And the oil age is coming to an end. And, surprising as it may sound, it is not the millions of "porters" who are worried that they may lose an "abbasi", but the rich. Because the ruling family, with all the power of the fiscal, security and law enforcement agencies, has established strict control over the already limited budget funds. Only those who steal for the ruling family and get their "abbasi" can steal.

The bureaucracy that Ilham Aliyev has bred for fifteen years has felt the danger of deprivation. There are already victims. They were forced to pay "voluntarily". People have lost billions of dollars and are gnashing their teeth at those who have not been hit by Aliyev's punitive machine gun. There are few of them, but there are still some, and the business of the deprived has passed to Pasha Holding at the cost of water to the empire of Mehriban Aliyeva's paternal family, whose nominal value already exceeds tens of billions of dollars.

And while London is the "guardian" of the Aliyevs' wealth, the Pashayevs are more accountable and realistic; they have shared their power almost equally between the West and Russia. The main reason for the internal political crisis in Azerbaijan is the fierce struggle for property between several clans. When the press writes that the sons of Minister of Emergency Situations Heydarov "enlisted in the army and are ready to fight on the front lines", serious people understand that the former head of the fire service of the Nakhichevan city police department has already been "paid" and has insured himself of complete deprivation. After a while, he will be relieved of his post and will enjoy what he can do to save Mehriban Aliyeva from clutches.

This hostility has infected the Azerbaijani society from top to bottom and along horizontal lines. No one has faith in tomorrow and no guarantee of security. The ministers are queuing at Mehriban Aliyeva's reception today. She separates the black from the white, the faithful from the traitor.

Wolves are no longer satisfied in Azerbaijan, how can sheep be calm?