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I am 46 years of age and my doctor put me on Gleevec to remove the tumor I have. Actually I had a surgery last year and I am taking Gleevec now to prevent possible reoccurrence of the tumor. I haven't had any side effects except for minor abdominal pain. But it is not significant in comparison to the benefits the medication provides. I am on Gleevec for more than 9 months and there is no single sign of the tumor to reappear. It goes without saying that my diagnosis was a shock for me. I thought that my life was over and now I am just had to for my death to come. But it was 6 years ago and at that time I knew nothing about cancer. Now I know a lot. I know that life goes on and the main treatment is in our minds. If we strongly decide to live and to find a solution, we'll do that. Even in most difficult situations hope works out miracles! It was my friend who told me about Gleevec. She is the sunniest person I know and you will never think that this charming woman has cancer if you meet her on the street. She is full of life and strong belief. And it is she whom I owe a great part of my success as I borrowed hope and belief from her. She was also taking Gleevec, but prior to the surgery and it stopped her tumor from growth. Now she's also on it to consolidate the success of the operation and I pray for her. I pray for everyone with same problems.

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If in case you have any prescription medications you are taking on a regular basis, you in all probability have a routine - go to the pharmacy, wait in line, hand over your insurance coverage card and pay for the prescription along with your debit or bank card. In 2017 the Half D normal benefit has a $400 deductible and 25 p.c coinsurance as much as an preliminary protection limit of $3,seven hundred in whole drug prices, adopted by a protection gap (see Determine 3-5 ). During the gap, enrollees are responsible for a larger share of their total drug costs than in the initial coverage period, till their complete out-of-pocket spending in 2017 reaches $four,950.
Contact lenses are made out of completely different plastics and silicones which have different characteristics. The corporate had given PillPack a contract to sell as a retail pharmacy, and not by mail.
Many medical insurance plans cowl your prescription drugs as a part of the deal. There's often a co-pay which will differ a bit relying on the particular drug and the plan. If you're on Medicare, Part D helps pay in your prescriptions or offers discounts on prescriptions as soon as you've got spent a certain amount.
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