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What is Bancroft's filariasis? : filariasis caused by a slender white filaria of the genus Wuchereria (W. bancrofti) that is transmitted in larval form by mosquitoes, lives in lymph vessels and lymphoid tissues periodically shedding larvae into the peripheral bloodstream, and often causes elephantiasis by blocking lymphatic drainage.
Where is wuchereria Bancrofti found in the body? The adult parasites reside in the lymphatics of the human host. They are found mostly in the afferent lymphatic channels of the lymph glands in the lower part of the body. The first-stage larvae, known as microfilariae, are present in the circulation. The microfilariae have a membrane "sheath".
What is the pathogen that causes elephantiasis? Elephantiasis tropica (known as lymphatic filariasis), caused by a number of parasitic worms, particularly Wuchereria bancrofti. More than 120 million people, mostly in Africa and Southeast Asia, are affected. Nonfilarial elephantiasis (or podoconiosis), an immune disease affecting the lymph vessels.
Colombia's soccer chief and the head of South American football confederation CONMEBOL have written to FIFA complaining of "erroneous and discriminatory conclusions" in the assessment of the country's bid to host the 2023 Women's World Cup. BRIAN VINER I thought I would instead review a trio of classics by way of tribute to Fred Willard (pictured), the big friendly giant of American comedy, who died last week, aged 86. Eric Schmidt says the Chinese company wanting to help build parts of Britain's 5G network had engaged in 'unacceptable acts' and should be considered a risk to national security. Inquiries in California and Washington are a sign that the scrutiny of the tech giant continues to intensify.
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